#BITCOIN TWITTER SENTIMENT Positive tweets percentage: 15% Negative tweets percentage: 12% 12-26-2019 #bitcoin #cryptocurrency

Positive tweets:
Bitcoin is one of the most fastest growing and profitable crypto currency at the moment!!!
Invest now and become a… https://t.co/nJJgPYr4iD
The latest The Cryptocurrency Daily! https://t.co/9ypNMIvyqE #ethereum #bitcoin
RT @dextrade_: MERRY CHRISTMAS!🎄

Dear traders and ho-ho-hodlers 🎅
Dex-Trade wishes you prosperity 🖖

Let it be All Time High and may Bitco…
RT @Rainbow_XRB: I will choose 20 random followers to win 10 ETH
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Acabo de preguntar al familiar que invirtió en bitcoin a máximos históricos que qué tal lleva las inversiones.

En… https://t.co/kzXBYfBrNQ
Crypto is the door that will lead us to a better, decentralized, private and anonymous future.

#blockchain… https://t.co/p2r26rNEyh
RT @EMIREX_OFFICIAL: 🌟 Being a 10-years old “guy”, #Bitcoin holds the most rooted history, while staying young enough.

💻 #EmirexAdvisory m…
RT @JamesTodaroMD: Some of the best performing investments of the decade. Happy New Year's everyone.

*Bitcoin enters once publicly traded…
RT @NexusOfficial: Happy holidays everyone! Love to all the $NXS Community, your family & friends. #NXS #cryptocurrency #bitcoin @coinkit_…
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Negative tweets:
RT @coinspeak_io: Why do so many people hate Bitcoin SV?

RT @Rhythmtrader: Bitcoin halvening progress:

▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓░ 90%

Bitcoin's inflation rate will be cut in half to 1.8%.

Why is that impo…
RT @Rhythmtrader: Buying bitcoin has consequences. 

You'll become addicted to saving.
@Lichking78 @mihai_tilea @Eljaboom Hey , you don't understand why Bitcoin is king , even after all other alts are f… https://t.co/eWugGDqTBO
RT @PersonaCryptona: Why do so many people hate Bitcoin SV?

RT @themooncarl: This HUGE censorship wave that struck the #Bitcoin community recently is horrible. 😫

However, this changes nothing for #B…
RT @KimDotcom: YouTube is cutting off crypto content creators. The US govt is behind this. The war against crypto has begun. US Empire won’…
RT @epicenterbtc: 🎤Co-founder of @SiaTechHQ, @DavidVorick,  discusses what’s wrong with centralized services, and why decentralization is i…
RT @CCNMarkets: Trader Who Called $6,000 Bitcoin Bottom Predicts $100,000 By Late 2022 https://t.co/5AUjLZAGsa
@BlazzordDGB @coinkit_ Bitcoin TURNED the world economy upside down and will make even a bigger impact in the upcom… https://t.co/oE7YMGUVya

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