#BITCOIN TWITTER SENTIMENT 12-31-2019 Positive tweets percentage: 36.666666666666664 % Negative tweets percentage: 10.0 % #cryptocurrency

Positive tweets:
RT @Delta_Exchange: Wishing our #Crypto Fam a very Happy New Year! Hope 2020 brings you moreprofits! 🙂

🎉 To celebrate, we’re giving away…
Church Shooting: Two Dead, One Victim in Critical Condition Outside Fort Worth, Texas https://t.co/7ocY1kZchF #bitcoin
RT @dextrade_: Let’s remember the most important and amazing news of 2019❗️

For us those are:

  1. Facebook has announced its own crypt…
    RT @TheCryptoDog: Bitcoin is exactly like gold except it doesn’t exist.
    RT @p2pb2b: Bitcoin Classic IEO has finished

🔹Next session starts on January 2. Follow our official channels for up-to-date information. h…
RT @qhfofficial: Now you can make a referral link to the webinar🎥 This is a great tool for auto recruiting👩‍🎓👨‍🎓

Thank you everyone who visited my site, I fell asleep working on it lol!!! Sorry for anyone who wanted to test out… https://t.co/vb43FwTzhJ
RT @RobertBeadles: Yo💥💥💥
Enter to WIN $100 of BCH💰💰💰💰💰

Inflation is destroying your wealth!

RETWEET, WATCH video then Follow pinned comm…
received a message from an old friend that they purchased $100 of Bitcoin this year bc of meand how much should th… https://t.co/lmGCWSx8UT
What is social bookmarking in SEO 2020? https://t.co/kjbVp2pfBK

entrepreneur #trending #today #business… https://t.co/FJyHSFxRDO

Negative tweets:
RT @giacomozucco: I usually shill @bisq_network because decentralized, @hodlhodl because non-custodial&non-KYC, @CashApp for being Bitcoin-…
RT @business: Bitcoin’s 9,000,000% rise this decade leaves the skeptics aghast https://t.co/9556D4B4aO
RT @LoveforISPR: #HangRapist_SaveFuture
The website monetised the sexual abuse of children and was one of the first to offer sickening vid…
Fluctuation of major coins (past 1 H)

🔥⤴ $BTC Bitcoin +0.05%
💧⤵ $ETH Ethereum -0.30%
🔥⤴ $XRP XRP +0.10%
💧⤵ $LTC… https://t.co/S0sL0O1wKL
RT @PrimeXbt: Access 30+ markets including #Crypto, #Indices, #Commodities and #Forex with a#Bitcoin-based platform. Go long and Go short…
📝 Poloniex Exchange Suffers BitMEX-Style Security Breach — https://t.co/6h0Z1Y6QRb

bitcoin #cryptocurrency #crypto… https://t.co/ZT3QPsoSoi

RT @EMIREX_OFFICIAL: 🤓 #Litecoin — Bitcoin’s little brother.

🌎 In essence, Litecoin is nearly identical to #Bitcoin. But what else?


RT @knutsvanholm: During the 2010’s, #Bitcoin outperformed every other asset on earth by a landslide

If you’re in doubt about it, look up:…
Poloniex Exchange Suffers BitMEX-Style Security Breach https://t.co/Ryc1wEeRzl #XBT #BTC #Bitcoin

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