#GOLD twitter sentiment 1-6-2020 Positive tweets percentage: 31.182795698924732 %Negative tweets percentage: 15.053763440860216 % #xauusd

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Title -Weekly Cycles Report – Jan 6th

Lin… https://t.co/DqihH2NBGt
Ripple CEO: We Can’t Control XRP Price Any More Than Bitcoin Whales https://t.co/3aSyPTlLjv
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Negative tweets:
RT @qooiver: Ripple CEO suggests XRP is not a free market with controls on investors https://t.co/eRKgdYtLHD

via @Cointelegraph


RT @adam3us: @hernzzzzzz @Ragnarly Yes but we’re just Bitcoin ultra enthusiasts. We dont have to agree about politics, economics, foreign p…
Bitcoin (BTC) Price Breaks Above Key Resistance Level, butBulls Are Not Safe Yet – – https://t.co/iYAwzMXre8
Positive tweets percentage: 11.666666666666666 %
Negative tweets percentage: 1.6666666666666667 %

Positive tweets:

xausd #ons Flama formasyonu mevcut. Küresel riskler arttık

ça flama çok güzel çalışır. 1555$ önemli https://t.co/jqXPQ
End of Jan will close near 1461… #xausdRT @trader_ferreira: 🥇#Gold approaching the critical $1560level, if this level breaks and holds then $1780 level beco
Positive tweets percentage: 10.0 %
Negative tweets percentage: 11.25 %

Positive tweets:
Gold: Strong Bullish Market Will Be Good for Selling – #XAU
USD chart https://t.co/0n2y8zjp3qXAUUSD – W (update 06 Jan 2020) Ideal TP Area https://t.co/pvMx9MDkVM 🙋Crypto Cashflow 🔥 via⟶… https://t.co/D05dEYj7oa
RT @steveinnes123: #gold is by far the best hedge in this e
nvironment and should attract more buying even from those who tend not to fiddle…
RT @IGSquawk: Precious Metals update:

Gold 1576 +1.57%

Silver 1837 +1.72%#Platinum 988 +0.56%

Palladium 2023 +1.92%


$USD | ADP Employment Survey | High | in 2d, 36m | 2020-01-
08 13:15 GMT

audusd #btcusd #eurusd #gbpusd #nzdusd… https://t.co/NQs5K

$USD | ISM Non-Manufacturing | High | in 1d, 2h, 21m | 2020
-01-07 15:00 GMT#audusd #btcusd #eurusd #gbpusd… https://t.co/GJvZsaV5V2
Please be careful about risk reward as we are expecting some high volatility in the US Session. We are on #trade an… https://t.co/JQ5CvTvSFn
The safe-haven assets continue to rise due to the tensionsbetween the U.S. and Iran.

U.S. Non-farm payrolls will… https://t.co/vM4u3e0TwQ

Negative tweets:

XAUUSD SSI is at -1.14

Risk Warning: Losses can exceed deposits.
Disclaimer: Past performance is not indicative o… https://t.co/zhbFS16U57
$PALL everyone looking at $gld #XAUUSD but $PLL not doing bad at all https://t.co/tCmwcr9eVJ
Por si pensabas armar posiciones LONG en #oil $XAUUSD $XAGUSD
👇🏼 https://t.co/LQjHvD0ORX
$XAUUSD The Instrument has been rallying, as we were expecting a few days ago. Here is a video explaining the view.… https://t.co/L4s3V1DZ3D

Gold ‘s Surge and #USIran Have Little In Common => https://t.co/rqrdkAmfHN #Elliottwave #XAUUSD

News background & trading ideas for 06/01/2020

The year begins extremely unsuccessfully, so we will earn…https://t.co/snwCupwCYo
Gold | $XAUUSD | $XAU $USD

Gold Party Is Over?

Long or short it on WCX: https://t.co/2kfJ8dots9 https://t.co/0nbfkcSM2u
Gold | $XAUUSD | $XAU $USD


Long or short it on WCX: https://t.co/GfNsxOenZ8 https://t.co/TDgHqzXGhc
Gold | $XAUUSD | $XAU $USD

XAUUSD continues to rise

Long or short it on WCX: https://t.co/GfNsxOenZ8 https://t.co/1RJqqQRRMx

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