#BITCOIN twitter sentiment 1-8-2020 Positive tweets percentage: 32.142857142857146 % Negative tweets percentage: 14.285714285714286 % #btc #crytocurrency

Positive tweets:

What are Stable Coins and Tokens?

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RT @extstock: ExtStock is launching its first IEO: Native XT Token:

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RT @adrian_ocean: 1 bitcoin will be worth $10 million soon enough
Google Trends Sees ‘Bitcoin Iran’ Surge 4,500% on Safe Haven Narrative https://t.co/YYTUhNdLyi https://t.co/NDiIcdeJKV
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    @Rainmaker1973 and they say #Bitcoin mining is a waste of energy…LoL
    RT @mrspiegelsan1: Care about your privacy? Browse securely & faster than Google Chrome.Brave blocks phishing, malware & trackers with a b…
    Bitcoin Climbs Higher After Surging Through $8,000 Level – Bloomberg https://t.co/efUpdHFckk
    RT @ConnerBrown: People who think bitcoin can’t be money due to volatility are incredibly naive.

Do they honestly expect something to g…
RT @p2pb2b: Bitcoin Classic IEO has finished

🔹BXC token will be listed soon. Follow our official channels for up-to-date information. http…

Negative tweets:
everyone that was calling bitcoin tops the past few days:

RT @PeterLBrandt: Has a new bull market began in #Bitcoin $BTC?

  1. Market held support at lower boundary of multi-yr channel
  2. Small H&S…
    RT @officialmcafee: You asked if I hate Bitcoin now.

Of course not.

But Bitcoin is not the future of crypto. You have all always known th…
RT @GuldenBites: Gulden #Rank 8 on @CoinMarketCap. 🚀🚀

Remember. Sort on minable coins, not Model T’s and other ancient technologies and bi…
RT @TheBlock__: Bitcoin set for growth in 2020 due to fixed supply and increasing adoption, says Bloomberg analyst
RT @BITCOINdashFUND: Soooo… Curious about bitcoins next move?

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RT @Rhythmtrader: BREAKING: The US Dollar crashes against bitcoin and loses 8% of its value within the day.

Seems like a pretty volatile a…
RT @Cointelegraph: Bitcoiners are skeptical over the influence of the Iran crisis on its price https://t.co/vw4Pmtiw3E
@PeterSchiff You must be a puppet for an organization that have bitcoin related agenda. For years you are wrong and… https://t.co/FZh4xYsfPf
That’s one quick pump and dump and then slow pump back. 1 hour and 20 minutes until Trump speaks. Bitcoin may slow… https://t.co/EIavvK8Wj1

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