Powerburn and HDDs for NaturalGas as of 4-18-2020

NaturalGas powerburn and HDDs are trending better than 2019 based on the U.S. Energy Information Admnistration (EIA) and NOAA’s National Weather Service. Bullish factors  are colder wheather and expectations that the plunge in oil prices to an 18-year low will reduce shale drilling and natural gas extraction as shown by Baker Hughes in its last rigs count report. Thursday’s weekly EIA report of +73 bcf left total U.S. nat-gas supplies at 2,097 bcf in the week of Apr 10, down from the 2-year high of 3,732 bcf posted in the week of Nov 8. Inventories are up +68.2% y/y and are +21.4% above the 5-year average, the most above the 5-average in 3 years.

Natural Gas Powerburn and Hdds
Natural Gas Powerburn and Hdds as of 4-18-2020

NOAA’s National Weather ServiceSource: NOOA/EIA

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