#BITCOIN twitter sentiment 1-13-2020 Positive tweets percentage: 26.262626262626263 % Negative tweets percentage: 9.090909090909092 % #btc #cryptocurrencies

Positive tweets:

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RT @HyiperMaster: ‼️ 2 weeks left before main move on $BTC. Watch out this key levels and go in right direction. Good Luck 🖐️


RT @Breedlove22: #Bitcoin is a maximally inflation-resistant asset monetizing amid the most in inflationary macroeconomic environment in wo…

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RT @CoinParticle: Putting the #Marketcap of #Bitcoin into perspective🔥

BTCUSD #BTCHINA #BTC #Bitcoin #ethereum #bitcoinburn2020… https://t.co/ZQG6ndFv50

Fluctuation of major coins (past 4 H)

🔥⤴ $BTC Bitcoin +0.22%
💧⤵ $ETH Ethereum -0.08%
💧⤵ $XRP XRP -0.24%
🔥⤴ $NEO… https://t.co/fmJMu4CXTc
Hal Finney, one of the early Bitcoin (BTC) developers and idea leaders, may have predicted the age of hard forks. I… https://t.co/llWck7xS8J
La hard fork Agharta de la blockchain Ethereum Classic (ETC) s’est bien déroulée – Conseils Crypto… https://t.co/mbpjwzu8AS
RT @bloqport: BREAKING: Japan’s top financial regulator reportedly plans to reduce the risk to crypto & Bitcoin margin traders by cutting t…
Bitcoin Is Expected To Break Records In 2020 Based On The Following 4 Elements https://t.co/hXtQhkUNkz #Bitcoin… https://t.co/b3OFAXfqo2
RT @web_advice: #Bitcoin #BitcoinNews #BitcoinAnalysis
WHY Bitcoin Is CONFUSING Analysis (Hopium INSIDE!) January 2020 Price Prediction & N…

#BITCOIN twitter sentiment 1-10-2020 Positive tweets percentage: 30.379746835443036 % Negative tweets percentage: 18.9873417721519 % #btc #cryptocurrency

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RT @BankXRP: Luckbox welcomes Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP and Litecoin deposits. Luckbox providesreal-money esports betting

As well as traditi…

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🎉5 Litecoin ($225) – must be following me so tha…
RT @CryptoBull: 11 years since the first block was mined, congrats bitcoin 🥳 https://t.co/vMy1fXeuAP
3 Technical Indicators Analyze Probability of a Bitcoin (BTC) Bull Run After Highly Anticipated Halving via @… https://t.co/ykjdwyOUUK
RT @elonmusk: Bitcoin is not my safe word

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    Very interesting idea of the project. And the team looks very professional.a #JUI #IEO #blockchain #crypto #bitcoin #ethereum

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Tomorrow’s Litecoin(LTC) forecast is

△UP 60%
▼DOWN 40%

Litecoin, #LTC

Bitcoin Forecast (iOS)… https://t.co/cE73Dfvlnl
Bitmex XBTUSD Long @ 7900-7925 Tp1:7995 tp2:8140 tp3:8200 tp4:8400 tp5:8500 SL: 7450 #bitmex#btc #kriptopara #bitcoin
RT @blockchainchick: As the price of Bitcoin slowly drips down to where it was before this pump, do not be too sad. There are incredible de…
Negative Interest Rates Are Destroying the Middle Class and Sustaining Zombie Corporations, in Europe and Japan Bit… https://t.co/dttvuvdnju
$btc tapped 7.7k and bounced up. Kitsune indicator flipped its bias to long. Shinpuruna got its SL triggered and wa… https://t.co/tqVkZyQPTG
RT @theRealKiyosaki: Taxes are basically the way the government sticks their hands in your pocket. There are not many peoples’ hands I want…
RT @BitcoinLennon: $7629 Weekly close on Bitmex.

Stay above that we can fight another week.

Bitcoin still heavy in a 6 month bear trend t…
RT @gb434369: @JWilliamsFstmed Never to late. Don’t buy high, sell low. People buy when it pumps, then it drops, panic sell. Blame Bitcoin…
RT @CryptoWatchBot: #Investing 28.2% in this optimal #crypto portfolio and 71.8% #cash in the past 24 hours would have given you a 3.1% ret…
RT @FrankoCurrency: @DiverterB Bitcoin is plagued by the same forces and desires that make banking as evil as it is.

#BITCOIN twitter sentiment 1-2-2020 Positive tweets percentage: 40.42553191489362 % Negative tweets percentage: 9.574468085106384 % #cryptocurrency

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The #Ethereum team will activate #Muir #Glacial hard fork on January 1 or 2. An update is important to defer the pu… https://t.co/SY8Uc3PSc8
RT @bitcoinist: Bitcoin’s hash rate is currently almost seven times as large as it was during BTC’s all-time high price, back in December 2…
‘An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.’ – Benjamin Franklin

Investment #BTC #Crypto🤑

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RT @BashCo_: Great history lesson from GMax (nullc) on the topic of Mircea Popescu. https://t.co/xKpLbIZQOy
RT @rogerkver: Originally Bitcoin’s entire goal was to build a network that would make fiat obsolete.

Today most Bitcoin supporters only…
RT @caprioleio: Bitcoin starting 2020 with a BANG.

Hash Rate hit a new all time high on 1/1/2020: 119M TH/s.

Finally broke above the las…

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Imagine investing in bitcoin 9years ago. You would have been called a self-made billionaire🤯. Working hard alone is… https://t.co/rJnHpG4J4f
RT @CreamPress: Breaking down Bitcoin’s 9,000,000% rise in last decade that left the skeptics aghast https://t.co/9M91XJ5irb
@creamcoin #bl…
RT @instanthelpforu: Come join our $200 ($100 in #Bitcoin and $100 in #Cash) Random Act Of Kindess (#RAOK) #Giveaway on Jan. 7th. We have c…
RT @woonomic: This last decade brought Bitcoin use from a handful of cypherpunks to 1% of the world. The next decade will bring us to half…
RT @CryptoBeri: Decided to increase the stack for #giveaway from previous one.

I am giving away now 100 $XRP


🔑 Follow me @Cry…
RT @RhythmicAnalyst: $BTC got a bounce from the Yellow support line. It’s good that price didn’t touch the base of Orange triangle.

The wa…
RT @EnseySherwood: Bots usually have zero to not a whole lot of Tweet’s, usually recently created accounts, not a lot of Followers. I am f…
RT @iGamingSummit: Bitcoin could be repeating mistakes which have already been made.
Craig Wright explains how and what has gone wrong and…
Less than 1% of the world’s population — no more than 40 million people — have ever used Bitcoin. But, according to… https://t.co/ew1TH6bKyQ

#BITCOIN TWITTER SENTIMENT 12-31-2019 Positive tweets percentage: 36.666666666666664 % Negative tweets percentage: 10.0 % #cryptocurrency

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RT @Delta_Exchange: Wishing our #Crypto Fam a very Happy New Year! Hope 2020 brings you moreprofits! 🙂

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Church Shooting: Two Dead, One Victim in Critical Condition Outside Fort Worth, Texas https://t.co/7ocY1kZchF #bitcoin
RT @dextrade_: Let’s remember the most important and amazing news of 2019❗️

For us those are:

  1. Facebook has announced its own crypt…
    RT @TheCryptoDog: Bitcoin is exactly like gold except it doesn’t exist.
    RT @p2pb2b: Bitcoin Classic IEO has finished

🔹Next session starts on January 2. Follow our official channels for up-to-date information. h…
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entrepreneur #trending #today #business… https://t.co/FJyHSFxRDO

Negative tweets:
RT @giacomozucco: I usually shill @bisq_network because decentralized, @hodlhodl because non-custodial&non-KYC, @CashApp for being Bitcoin-…
RT @business: Bitcoin’s 9,000,000% rise this decade leaves the skeptics aghast https://t.co/9556D4B4aO
RT @LoveforISPR: #HangRapist_SaveFuture
The website monetised the sexual abuse of children and was one of the first to offer sickening vid…
Fluctuation of major coins (past 1 H)

🔥⤴ $BTC Bitcoin +0.05%
💧⤵ $ETH Ethereum -0.30%
🔥⤴ $XRP XRP +0.10%
💧⤵ $LTC… https://t.co/S0sL0O1wKL
RT @PrimeXbt: Access 30+ markets including #Crypto, #Indices, #Commodities and #Forex with a#Bitcoin-based platform. Go long and Go short…
📝 Poloniex Exchange Suffers BitMEX-Style Security Breach — https://t.co/6h0Z1Y6QRb

bitcoin #cryptocurrency #crypto… https://t.co/ZT3QPsoSoi

RT @EMIREX_OFFICIAL: 🤓 #Litecoin — Bitcoin’s little brother.

🌎 In essence, Litecoin is nearly identical to #Bitcoin. But what else?


RT @knutsvanholm: During the 2010’s, #Bitcoin outperformed every other asset on earth by a landslide

If you’re in doubt about it, look up:…
Poloniex Exchange Suffers BitMEX-Style Security Breach https://t.co/Ryc1wEeRzl #XBT #BTC #Bitcoin

#BITCOIN TWITTER SENTIMENT 12-30-2019 Positive tweets percentage: 34.78260869565217 % Negative tweets percentage: 3.260869565217391 % #cryptocurrency

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@ZenGo 1. Bitcoin’s halving could spike the price to a new All Time High

  1. Growing industry adoption of blockchain… https://t.co/dUc4E83jyR

AMZ #blockchain #bitcoin #ICO

One of the most reliable projects to join now. The project have extraordin… https://t.co/gukcqnTyQn
@rogerkver fancy having a look at my bitcoin raffle startup? And spreading the good word? https://t.co/Bz9wmuMBse
@CryptoGainz1 lol u actually paid someone to make u chicken nuggets and corn?? hire me as urchef bruh… my paymen… https://t.co/0UD9UeFzlr
@pierre_rochard Maybe. Alts are also an on ramp to Bitcoin. Many people would rather own a whole unit of something,… https://t.co/w0Niar7O7y
@pulte I would be happy with stocks but I think I would honestly want a Bitcoin. I think crypto currency is the fut… https://t.co/Qkvs6ghwAH
@ZenGo In my view, The increasing rate of adoption of Blockchain technology and the use of Bitcoin. and the more us… https://t.co/psU685vLep
Historical performance of #BITCOIN against #EURO:
first price:97.0
last price:6515.0
2.87% per da… https://t.co/3xey1HM89F
RT @APompliano: Narrator: Bitcoin was the best investment, but it got left out of the article https://t.co/KhlyiClYoJ

Negative tweets:
RT @olivierjanss: Banks & crypto 10 year overview:

2010: Bitcoin? Don’t know, don’t care.
2012: What illegal things are you involved with?…
https://t.co/3HSIMFIpRK: 😱 Andre Ward said Terence Crawford got knocked down but he won’t admit that he got knocked… https://t.co/4TqHteK7BW
RT @whale_alert: 988 #BTC (7,194,244 USD) transferred from unknown wallet to #Bitstamp

Tx: https://t.co/dJYgEq9IzC

#BITCOIN TWITTER SENTIMENT Positive tweets percentage: 15% Negative tweets percentage: 12% 12-26-2019 #bitcoin #cryptocurrency

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Bitcoin is one of the most fastest growing and profitable crypto currency at the moment!!!
Invest now and become a… https://t.co/nJJgPYr4iD
The latest The Cryptocurrency Daily! https://t.co/9ypNMIvyqE #ethereum #bitcoin
RT @dextrade_: MERRY CHRISTMAS!🎄

Dear traders and ho-ho-hodlers 🎅
Dex-Trade wishes you prosperity 🖖

Let it be All Time High and may Bitco…
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Acabo de preguntar al familiar que invirtió en bitcoin a máximos históricos que qué tal lleva las inversiones.

En… https://t.co/kzXBYfBrNQ
Crypto is the door that will lead us to a better, decentralized, private and anonymous future.

#blockchain… https://t.co/p2r26rNEyh
RT @EMIREX_OFFICIAL: 🌟 Being a 10-years old “guy”, #Bitcoin holds the most rooted history, while staying young enough.

💻 #EmirexAdvisory m…
RT @JamesTodaroMD: Some of the best performing investments of the decade. Happy New Year's everyone.

*Bitcoin enters once publicly traded…
RT @NexusOfficial: Happy holidays everyone! Love to all the $NXS Community, your family & friends. #NXS #cryptocurrency #bitcoin @coinkit_…
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Negative tweets:
RT @coinspeak_io: Why do so many people hate Bitcoin SV?

RT @Rhythmtrader: Bitcoin halvening progress:

▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓░ 90%

Bitcoin's inflation rate will be cut in half to 1.8%.

Why is that impo…
RT @Rhythmtrader: Buying bitcoin has consequences. 

You'll become addicted to saving.
@Lichking78 @mihai_tilea @Eljaboom Hey , you don't understand why Bitcoin is king , even after all other alts are f… https://t.co/eWugGDqTBO
RT @PersonaCryptona: Why do so many people hate Bitcoin SV?

RT @themooncarl: This HUGE censorship wave that struck the #Bitcoin community recently is horrible. 😫

However, this changes nothing for #B…
RT @KimDotcom: YouTube is cutting off crypto content creators. The US govt is behind this. The war against crypto has begun. US Empire won’…
RT @epicenterbtc: 🎤Co-founder of @SiaTechHQ, @DavidVorick,  discusses what’s wrong with centralized services, and why decentralization is i…
RT @CCNMarkets: Trader Who Called $6,000 Bitcoin Bottom Predicts $100,000 By Late 2022 https://t.co/5AUjLZAGsa
@BlazzordDGB @coinkit_ Bitcoin TURNED the world economy upside down and will make even a bigger impact in the upcom… https://t.co/oE7YMGUVya

In [ ]: 

#BTC TWITTER SENTIMENT 12-23-2019 #cryptocurrencies

Positive tweets percentage: 36 %
Negative tweets percentage: 14 %

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RT @ArcIrisofficia1: We mine cryptocurrencies eco-friendly and to the success of our miners.
Endeavor to invest in bitcoin and start tradin…
Happy Holidays from @CryptoWild777 
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I’m dreaming of a #nerdy #Christmas 
Not sure what I’ll do with it, thought it’d be fun to play with. Might run a… https://t.co/5dGUdm1yoG
Payout #34 is done! 💰 Christmas special: sharing 100% of the rewards! A total of 7726.40LTO was distributed to 94 l… https://t.co/daufPSTAxH
RT @coincerberus: Can Bitcoin’s Leading Indicator LEAD the Way Higher Again for BTC? https://t.co/Ffi9BXQaSi #cryptocurrency #cryptocurrenc…
Top 5 Cryptocurrencies - Current Prices

$BTC: $7,576.92 - Bitcoin 🔻 -0.42%
$ETH: $132.63 - Ethereum 🔻 -0.67%
$XRP:… https://t.co/fCNxppnO3w
Can Bitcoin’s Leading Indicator LEAD the Way Higher Again for BTC? https://t.co/Ffi9BXQaSi #cryptocurrency… https://t.co/y6KefSljoj
Great projects with a great team and great management. Best token for Decentralized concurrency exchange. A smart a… https://t.co/vWhQkCebF2

Negative tweets:
RT @qhfofficial: In 2020, the QHF will take part in at least ten international events dedicated to cryptocurrencies, modern finance and blo…
Fed Governor Blasts Bitcoin for its Ties to "Illegal Activities" Hash - https://t.co/MeqN7SfuO9 $BTC #blockchain #bitcoins #cryptocurrencies
Cryptocurrency Exchanges and Cryptocurrency Wallets
If the whole section above was confusing, do not worry–we will… https://t.co/eq1asTgZAR
Cryptocurrencies are a customer service battle. What does this mean for your "investment" portfolio?… https://t.co/G4b3xhyfSR
Real Bitcoin Double Spends Are Hard, Looking Into Alleged Issue https://t.co/HFvBUs3fKS #cryptocurrencies
RT @UNODC_ROMENA: Cryptocurrencies,ex. Bitcoin&Ethereum,are used to move #criminal💰&to buy #weapons,#drugs& #cybercrime exploit kits
Impatients And Non-Believers Are The Only Losers With Bitcoin https://t.co/ESnuKEo9AI #Bitcoin #cryptocurrency… https://t.co/Lj0DrdXSJJ
RT @mdudas: Bitcoin appears to be five times as liquid as Ethereum and more than 10 times as liquid as all the other cryptocurrencies. Base…
"The 5 Debates That Will Shape Fintech In The 2020s"

#4 Currency: Will cryptocurrencies fail or succeed?… https://t.co/a4shnENKVo
When your fav sock is wet 🙄 #katanaka #katanakatrader #bitcoin #bitcointrading #BinanceFutures #binance #BNB… https://t.co/dLwn2lYbhC

#BTC TWITTER SENTIMENT 12-23-2019 #Crypto #Cryptocurrency #Bitcoin

Positive tweets percentage: 31.46067415730337 %
Negative tweets percentage: 10.112359550561798 %

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Делаем экспресс-обзор по текущему росту биткоина
Do a quick review of the current growth of bitcoin

BTC… https://t.co/qDnDbwhcBi

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bitcoin… https://t.co/XsgMjjy5wv

RT @GokuMarket: Top-up @GokuMarket debit card with #Bitcoin, #Ethereum and all the major #cryptocurrencies & use it at ATMs for withdrawal,…
Before you start the Christmas preparations, take a look at our summary of the most-read articles of last week: ⤵️… https://t.co/8ycevetGZr

RT @cryptoicobull: Lawmakers Want Answers From IRS, Citing Major Issues With Crypto Tax Guidance. #cryptocurrency… https://t.co/WijD80c1he

Top-up @GokuMarket debit card with #Bitcoin, #Ethereum and all the major #cryptocurrencies & use it at ATMs for wit… https://t.co/5XlQtoeWHp
RT @tokenmetricsinc: Top Cryptocurrencies for the Next Bull Run | Token Metrics

https://t.co/ABYAuGRMb7 #Crypto #Cryptocurrency #Blockchai…
RT @Snowden_bitcoin: Now learn a way to the best strategy of how to win $ 2000 per day in a very smart way of trading cryptocurrencies and…
New Ethereum Faucet and PTC Website

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Ethereum… https://t.co/1uvVUhzUmk

Top 5 Cryptocurrencies Prices

$BTC: $7,558.74 – Bitcoin 🔻 -0.05%
$ETH: $133.41 – Ethereum 🔻 -0.02%
$XRP: $0.195957… https://t.co/UnQTKyPPAE

Negative tweets:
Call me a crazy but we can see January 2018 reloaded !!!




blockchain… https://t.co/IXmBR2sI1b

RT @beecapitalbv: Bitcoin Dominance roughly went from 50% to 70% in 2019. We think 2020 willsee a continuation of altcoin cleanup and furt…
SEC Will Rule on Wilson Phoenix Bitcoin ETF Proposal By Feb. 2020 #cryptocurrencies #bitcoin#crypto #cryptocurrency https://t.co/rDQpIyiPDp
Carefully watch $GXT …. can #moon any time!! Buy it from #crex24 .



cryptocurrencies… https://t.co/CMwPkV7KJw

RT @TradeFloorAudio: PBoC Vice Governor: Libra and other cryptocurrencies could diminish effects of capital controls and Yuan internationa…
@gate_io You can’t stop or kill technology. We’ve seen that in the past when bitcoin was banned in China, but that… https://t.co/FjZcdT7Qtc
RT @qhfofficial: In 2020, the QHF will take part in at least ten international events dedicated to cryptocurrencies, modern finance and blo…
Lawsuit Shows How a Public Firm’s $80M Bet on Bitcoin Miners Went Terribly Wrong | Via Coindesk #bitcoin… https://t.co/1S6ATxTCx3

Go #Long #btc #bitcoin #crypto #cryptocurrency #blockchain #ethereum #bitcoinmining #eth #forex #bitcoinnews… https://t.co/k28HjzuzCe