#BITCOIN twitter sentiment 1-13-2020 Positive tweets percentage: 26.262626262626263 % Negative tweets percentage: 9.090909090909092 % #btc #cryptocurrencies

Positive tweets:

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RT @HyiperMaster: ‼️ 2 weeks left before main move on $BTC. Watch out this key levels and go in right direction. Good Luck 🖐️


RT @Breedlove22: #Bitcoin is a maximally inflation-resistant asset monetizing amid the most in inflationary macroeconomic environment in wo…

Negative tweets:
RT @CoinParticle: Putting the #Marketcap of #Bitcoin into perspective🔥

BTCUSD #BTCHINA #BTC #Bitcoin #ethereum #bitcoinburn2020… https://t.co/ZQG6ndFv50

Fluctuation of major coins (past 4 H)

🔥⤴ $BTC Bitcoin +0.22%
💧⤵ $ETH Ethereum -0.08%
💧⤵ $XRP XRP -0.24%
🔥⤴ $NEO… https://t.co/fmJMu4CXTc
Hal Finney, one of the early Bitcoin (BTC) developers and idea leaders, may have predicted the age of hard forks. I… https://t.co/llWck7xS8J
La hard fork Agharta de la blockchain Ethereum Classic (ETC) s’est bien déroulée – Conseils Crypto… https://t.co/mbpjwzu8AS
RT @bloqport: BREAKING: Japan’s top financial regulator reportedly plans to reduce the risk to crypto & Bitcoin margin traders by cutting t…
Bitcoin Is Expected To Break Records In 2020 Based On The Following 4 Elements https://t.co/hXtQhkUNkz #Bitcoin… https://t.co/b3OFAXfqo2
RT @web_advice: #Bitcoin #BitcoinNews #BitcoinAnalysis
WHY Bitcoin Is CONFUSING Analysis (Hopium INSIDE!) January 2020 Price Prediction & N…

#BITCOIN twitter sentiment 1-2-2020 Positive tweets percentage: 40.42553191489362 % Negative tweets percentage: 9.574468085106384 % #cryptocurrency

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RT @boaserichard: 1/ Bitcoin BSV solves a really interesting problem: ‘how do you pay for, and get paid for computation?’ By putting digita…
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The #Ethereum team will activate #Muir #Glacial hard fork on January 1 or 2. An update is important to defer the pu… https://t.co/SY8Uc3PSc8
RT @bitcoinist: Bitcoin’s hash rate is currently almost seven times as large as it was during BTC’s all-time high price, back in December 2…
‘An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.’ – Benjamin Franklin

Investment #BTC #Crypto🤑

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RT @BashCo_: Great history lesson from GMax (nullc) on the topic of Mircea Popescu. https://t.co/xKpLbIZQOy
RT @rogerkver: Originally Bitcoin’s entire goal was to build a network that would make fiat obsolete.

Today most Bitcoin supporters only…
RT @caprioleio: Bitcoin starting 2020 with a BANG.

Hash Rate hit a new all time high on 1/1/2020: 119M TH/s.

Finally broke above the las…

Negative tweets:
Imagine investing in bitcoin 9years ago. You would have been called a self-made billionaire🤯. Working hard alone is… https://t.co/rJnHpG4J4f
RT @CreamPress: Breaking down Bitcoin’s 9,000,000% rise in last decade that left the skeptics aghast https://t.co/9M91XJ5irb
@creamcoin #bl…
RT @instanthelpforu: Come join our $200 ($100 in #Bitcoin and $100 in #Cash) Random Act Of Kindess (#RAOK) #Giveaway on Jan. 7th. We have c…
RT @woonomic: This last decade brought Bitcoin use from a handful of cypherpunks to 1% of the world. The next decade will bring us to half…
RT @CryptoBeri: Decided to increase the stack for #giveaway from previous one.

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RT @RhythmicAnalyst: $BTC got a bounce from the Yellow support line. It’s good that price didn’t touch the base of Orange triangle.

The wa…
RT @EnseySherwood: Bots usually have zero to not a whole lot of Tweet’s, usually recently created accounts, not a lot of Followers. I am f…
RT @iGamingSummit: Bitcoin could be repeating mistakes which have already been made.
Craig Wright explains how and what has gone wrong and…
Less than 1% of the world’s population — no more than 40 million people — have ever used Bitcoin. But, according to… https://t.co/ew1TH6bKyQ

#BITCOIN TWITTER SENTIMENT 12-31-2019 Positive tweets percentage: 36.666666666666664 % Negative tweets percentage: 10.0 % #cryptocurrency

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RT @Delta_Exchange: Wishing our #Crypto Fam a very Happy New Year! Hope 2020 brings you moreprofits! 🙂

🎉 To celebrate, we’re giving away…
Church Shooting: Two Dead, One Victim in Critical Condition Outside Fort Worth, Texas https://t.co/7ocY1kZchF #bitcoin
RT @dextrade_: Let’s remember the most important and amazing news of 2019❗️

For us those are:

  1. Facebook has announced its own crypt…
    RT @TheCryptoDog: Bitcoin is exactly like gold except it doesn’t exist.
    RT @p2pb2b: Bitcoin Classic IEO has finished

🔹Next session starts on January 2. Follow our official channels for up-to-date information. h…
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entrepreneur #trending #today #business… https://t.co/FJyHSFxRDO

Negative tweets:
RT @giacomozucco: I usually shill @bisq_network because decentralized, @hodlhodl because non-custodial&non-KYC, @CashApp for being Bitcoin-…
RT @business: Bitcoin’s 9,000,000% rise this decade leaves the skeptics aghast https://t.co/9556D4B4aO
RT @LoveforISPR: #HangRapist_SaveFuture
The website monetised the sexual abuse of children and was one of the first to offer sickening vid…
Fluctuation of major coins (past 1 H)

🔥⤴ $BTC Bitcoin +0.05%
💧⤵ $ETH Ethereum -0.30%
🔥⤴ $XRP XRP +0.10%
💧⤵ $LTC… https://t.co/S0sL0O1wKL
RT @PrimeXbt: Access 30+ markets including #Crypto, #Indices, #Commodities and #Forex with a#Bitcoin-based platform. Go long and Go short…
📝 Poloniex Exchange Suffers BitMEX-Style Security Breach — https://t.co/6h0Z1Y6QRb

bitcoin #cryptocurrency #crypto… https://t.co/ZT3QPsoSoi

RT @EMIREX_OFFICIAL: 🤓 #Litecoin — Bitcoin’s little brother.

🌎 In essence, Litecoin is nearly identical to #Bitcoin. But what else?


RT @knutsvanholm: During the 2010’s, #Bitcoin outperformed every other asset on earth by a landslide

If you’re in doubt about it, look up:…
Poloniex Exchange Suffers BitMEX-Style Security Breach https://t.co/Ryc1wEeRzl #XBT #BTC #Bitcoin

#BITCOIN TWITTER SENTIMENT 12-30-2019 Positive tweets percentage: 34.78260869565217 % Negative tweets percentage: 3.260869565217391 % #cryptocurrency

Positive tweets:
@ZenGo 1. Bitcoin’s halving could spike the price to a new All Time High

  1. Growing industry adoption of blockchain… https://t.co/dUc4E83jyR

AMZ #blockchain #bitcoin #ICO

One of the most reliable projects to join now. The project have extraordin… https://t.co/gukcqnTyQn
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@pierre_rochard Maybe. Alts are also an on ramp to Bitcoin. Many people would rather own a whole unit of something,… https://t.co/w0Niar7O7y
@pulte I would be happy with stocks but I think I would honestly want a Bitcoin. I think crypto currency is the fut… https://t.co/Qkvs6ghwAH
@ZenGo In my view, The increasing rate of adoption of Blockchain technology and the use of Bitcoin. and the more us… https://t.co/psU685vLep
Historical performance of #BITCOIN against #EURO:
first price:97.0
last price:6515.0
2.87% per da… https://t.co/3xey1HM89F
RT @APompliano: Narrator: Bitcoin was the best investment, but it got left out of the article https://t.co/KhlyiClYoJ

Negative tweets:
RT @olivierjanss: Banks & crypto 10 year overview:

2010: Bitcoin? Don’t know, don’t care.
2012: What illegal things are you involved with?…
https://t.co/3HSIMFIpRK: 😱 Andre Ward said Terence Crawford got knocked down but he won’t admit that he got knocked… https://t.co/4TqHteK7BW
RT @whale_alert: 988 #BTC (7,194,244 USD) transferred from unknown wallet to #Bitstamp

Tx: https://t.co/dJYgEq9IzC

#BITCOIN TWITTER SENTIMENT Positive tweets percentage: 15% Negative tweets percentage: 12% 12-26-2019 #bitcoin #cryptocurrency

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Bitcoin is one of the most fastest growing and profitable crypto currency at the moment!!!
Invest now and become a… https://t.co/nJJgPYr4iD
The latest The Cryptocurrency Daily! https://t.co/9ypNMIvyqE #ethereum #bitcoin
RT @dextrade_: MERRY CHRISTMAS!🎄

Dear traders and ho-ho-hodlers 🎅
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Let it be All Time High and may Bitco…
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Acabo de preguntar al familiar que invirtió en bitcoin a máximos históricos que qué tal lleva las inversiones.

En… https://t.co/kzXBYfBrNQ
Crypto is the door that will lead us to a better, decentralized, private and anonymous future.

#blockchain… https://t.co/p2r26rNEyh
RT @EMIREX_OFFICIAL: 🌟 Being a 10-years old “guy”, #Bitcoin holds the most rooted history, while staying young enough.

💻 #EmirexAdvisory m…
RT @JamesTodaroMD: Some of the best performing investments of the decade. Happy New Year's everyone.

*Bitcoin enters once publicly traded…
RT @NexusOfficial: Happy holidays everyone! Love to all the $NXS Community, your family & friends. #NXS #cryptocurrency #bitcoin @coinkit_…
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Negative tweets:
RT @coinspeak_io: Why do so many people hate Bitcoin SV?

RT @Rhythmtrader: Bitcoin halvening progress:

▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓░ 90%

Bitcoin's inflation rate will be cut in half to 1.8%.

Why is that impo…
RT @Rhythmtrader: Buying bitcoin has consequences. 

You'll become addicted to saving.
@Lichking78 @mihai_tilea @Eljaboom Hey , you don't understand why Bitcoin is king , even after all other alts are f… https://t.co/eWugGDqTBO
RT @PersonaCryptona: Why do so many people hate Bitcoin SV?

RT @themooncarl: This HUGE censorship wave that struck the #Bitcoin community recently is horrible. 😫

However, this changes nothing for #B…
RT @KimDotcom: YouTube is cutting off crypto content creators. The US govt is behind this. The war against crypto has begun. US Empire won’…
RT @epicenterbtc: 🎤Co-founder of @SiaTechHQ, @DavidVorick,  discusses what’s wrong with centralized services, and why decentralization is i…
RT @CCNMarkets: Trader Who Called $6,000 Bitcoin Bottom Predicts $100,000 By Late 2022 https://t.co/5AUjLZAGsa
@BlazzordDGB @coinkit_ Bitcoin TURNED the world economy upside down and will make even a bigger impact in the upcom… https://t.co/oE7YMGUVya

In [ ]: 

#BTC TWITTER SENTIMENT 12-23-2019 #cryptocurrencies

Positive tweets percentage: 36 %
Negative tweets percentage: 14 %

Positive tweets:
RT @ArcIrisofficia1: We mine cryptocurrencies eco-friendly and to the success of our miners.
Endeavor to invest in bitcoin and start tradin…
Happy Holidays from @CryptoWild777 
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I’m dreaming of a #nerdy #Christmas 
Not sure what I’ll do with it, thought it’d be fun to play with. Might run a… https://t.co/5dGUdm1yoG
Payout #34 is done! 💰 Christmas special: sharing 100% of the rewards! A total of 7726.40LTO was distributed to 94 l… https://t.co/daufPSTAxH
RT @coincerberus: Can Bitcoin’s Leading Indicator LEAD the Way Higher Again for BTC? https://t.co/Ffi9BXQaSi #cryptocurrency #cryptocurrenc…
Top 5 Cryptocurrencies - Current Prices

$BTC: $7,576.92 - Bitcoin 🔻 -0.42%
$ETH: $132.63 - Ethereum 🔻 -0.67%
$XRP:… https://t.co/fCNxppnO3w
Can Bitcoin’s Leading Indicator LEAD the Way Higher Again for BTC? https://t.co/Ffi9BXQaSi #cryptocurrency… https://t.co/y6KefSljoj
Great projects with a great team and great management. Best token for Decentralized concurrency exchange. A smart a… https://t.co/vWhQkCebF2

Negative tweets:
RT @qhfofficial: In 2020, the QHF will take part in at least ten international events dedicated to cryptocurrencies, modern finance and blo…
Fed Governor Blasts Bitcoin for its Ties to "Illegal Activities" Hash - https://t.co/MeqN7SfuO9 $BTC #blockchain #bitcoins #cryptocurrencies
Cryptocurrency Exchanges and Cryptocurrency Wallets
If the whole section above was confusing, do not worry–we will… https://t.co/eq1asTgZAR
Cryptocurrencies are a customer service battle. What does this mean for your "investment" portfolio?… https://t.co/G4b3xhyfSR
Real Bitcoin Double Spends Are Hard, Looking Into Alleged Issue https://t.co/HFvBUs3fKS #cryptocurrencies
RT @UNODC_ROMENA: Cryptocurrencies,ex. Bitcoin&Ethereum,are used to move #criminal💰&to buy #weapons,#drugs& #cybercrime exploit kits
Impatients And Non-Believers Are The Only Losers With Bitcoin https://t.co/ESnuKEo9AI #Bitcoin #cryptocurrency… https://t.co/Lj0DrdXSJJ
RT @mdudas: Bitcoin appears to be five times as liquid as Ethereum and more than 10 times as liquid as all the other cryptocurrencies. Base…
"The 5 Debates That Will Shape Fintech In The 2020s"

#4 Currency: Will cryptocurrencies fail or succeed?… https://t.co/a4shnENKVo
When your fav sock is wet 🙄 #katanaka #katanakatrader #bitcoin #bitcointrading #BinanceFutures #binance #BNB… https://t.co/dLwn2lYbhC

#BTC TWITTER SENTIMENT 12-23-2019 #Crypto #Cryptocurrency #Bitcoin

Positive tweets percentage: 31.46067415730337 %
Negative tweets percentage: 10.112359550561798 %

Positive tweets:
Делаем экспресс-обзор по текущему росту биткоина
Do a quick review of the current growth of bitcoin

BTC… https://t.co/qDnDbwhcBi

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bitcoin… https://t.co/XsgMjjy5wv

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Before you start the Christmas preparations, take a look at our summary of the most-read articles of last week: ⤵️… https://t.co/8ycevetGZr

RT @cryptoicobull: Lawmakers Want Answers From IRS, Citing Major Issues With Crypto Tax Guidance. #cryptocurrency… https://t.co/WijD80c1he

Top-up @GokuMarket debit card with #Bitcoin, #Ethereum and all the major #cryptocurrencies & use it at ATMs for wit… https://t.co/5XlQtoeWHp
RT @tokenmetricsinc: Top Cryptocurrencies for the Next Bull Run | Token Metrics

https://t.co/ABYAuGRMb7 #Crypto #Cryptocurrency #Blockchai…
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New Ethereum Faucet and PTC Website

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Top 5 Cryptocurrencies Prices

$BTC: $7,558.74 – Bitcoin 🔻 -0.05%
$ETH: $133.41 – Ethereum 🔻 -0.02%
$XRP: $0.195957… https://t.co/UnQTKyPPAE

Negative tweets:
Call me a crazy but we can see January 2018 reloaded !!!




blockchain… https://t.co/IXmBR2sI1b

RT @beecapitalbv: Bitcoin Dominance roughly went from 50% to 70% in 2019. We think 2020 willsee a continuation of altcoin cleanup and furt…
SEC Will Rule on Wilson Phoenix Bitcoin ETF Proposal By Feb. 2020 #cryptocurrencies #bitcoin#crypto #cryptocurrency https://t.co/rDQpIyiPDp
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cryptocurrencies… https://t.co/CMwPkV7KJw

RT @TradeFloorAudio: PBoC Vice Governor: Libra and other cryptocurrencies could diminish effects of capital controls and Yuan internationa…
@gate_io You can’t stop or kill technology. We’ve seen that in the past when bitcoin was banned in China, but that… https://t.co/FjZcdT7Qtc
RT @qhfofficial: In 2020, the QHF will take part in at least ten international events dedicated to cryptocurrencies, modern finance and blo…
Lawsuit Shows How a Public Firm’s $80M Bet on Bitcoin Miners Went Terribly Wrong | Via Coindesk #bitcoin… https://t.co/1S6ATxTCx3

Go #Long #btc #bitcoin #crypto #cryptocurrency #blockchain #ethereum #bitcoinmining #eth #forex #bitcoinnews… https://t.co/k28HjzuzCe